An experienced team that wants to mix the warmth of the casual games to the excitement of the competitive ones. 

Our mission is to create games that you ll love play with your close ones and also play in tournaments.


Quick to play, Fun to master and Easy to watch ! this our leitmotiv


Casual e-sport or competitive mode accessible for all, this our duty here. We would love to see teens, adults and childs all compete and have fun together.

The Warshmallows is a couch and online multiplayer game that wants to bring back the fun of spending quality time with your family and friends while playing intense matches casually in front of your TV or screen.

In a very cute universe, you will have to fight in team or solo to be the last person or team standing. To do so, you ‘ll take control of a Warshmallow a tiny, cute  and very skilled creature with abilities like triple jump, instant dash and slow the time to avoid bullets. Every match is an epic test of skill, speed, and strength and reflex

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